Days of the 2016 pelerinage/camino

Here’s how the days went.  Took a while for the site and blog to get started.

  1. Tuesday 2/8/16.  South London to Doddington.
  2. Wednesday 3/8/16.  Doddington to Calais.
  3. Thursday 4/8/16. Calais to Montreuil.
  4. Friday 5/8/16. Montreuil to Amiens.
  5. Saturday 6/8/16. Amiens to Beauvais.
  6. Sunday 7/8/16. Beauvais to Giverny.
  7. Monday 8/8/16. Giverny to Chartres.
  8. Tuesday 9/8/16. Rest day in Chartres.  First blog post appeared!  And some photos, still incomplete.
  9. Wednesday 10/8/16. Chartres to Blois.
  10. Thursday 11/8/16. Blois to Bréhémont. Next real addition to the site: another blog post: “longest distance so far“.
  11. Friday 12/8/16. Bréhémont to Chouzé. One post, about Google maps, and first cumulative map appeared.Le divertissement. 12/8/16 to a.m. 20/8/16. A break of a week as I’ve linked up with my wife for a holiday week together. Only managed one addition here all week, a post starting the story of “Why do this?
  12. Saturday 20/8/16.  Chouzé to Airvault.
  13. Sunday  21/8/16. Airvault to Chef-Boutonne.  More posts: copyright and some thoughts about sharing and about handlebars and headwinds
  14. Monday 22/8/16. Chef-Boutonne to Saint-Jean d’Angély. Another post about my IT challenges, and McDonalds!
  15. Tuesday 23/8/16. Saint-Jean d’Angély to Médis (just outside Royan). Post about memories including “Down the slide for cars!”
  16. Wednesday 24/8/16. Médis to Carcans.
  17. Thursday 25/8/16. Carcans to Biganos (Biganos Bourg, not Biganos Plage).
  18. Friday 26/8/16. Biganos to Biscarrosse-Plage.
  19. Saturday 27/18/16. Biscarrosse-Plage to Mimizan. The next post, about my continuing, and here, largelly self-inflicted, IT nightmares, a.k.a. “123456789=!”£$%^&*(+asdfjklASDFJKLbnBN” and two more posts, about roadkill and its relatives, roadcrud and roadsplat and road surfaces and tree roots.
  20. Sunday 28/8/16. Mimizan to Bayonnne.
  21. Monday 29/8/16. Bayonne to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port.  A post continuing the “why do this?” story a bit.
  22. Tuesday 30/8/16. Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (France) to Zubiri (Spain!).  A post about making it to Spain and about leaving the NHS.
  23. Wednesday 31/8/16. Zubiri to Puenta-la-Reina. Sleep struggles, CORE and the tragedy of (current) NHS PROMs.
  24. Thursday. 1/9/16. Puenta-la-Reina to Logroño.  Two travel posts, travel post 1, travel post 2 (with pictures).
  25. Friday. 2/9/16. Logroño to Santo Domingo de la Calzada.
  26. Saturday. 3/9/16. Logroño to Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Burgos.  Four posts: a note about updating my maps, two travel posts about the day before, 2/9/16A and 2/9/16B and a bit about 3/9/16.
  27. Sunday. 4/9/16. Burgos to Carrión de los Condes.  Three posts: how 3/9/16 ended a big one (for me) about FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) and a bit about the travel side of the day (i.e. 4/9/16).
  28. Monday. 5/9/16. Carrión de los Condes to León. Just a bit about the day.
  29. Tuesday. 6/9/16. León to Rabanal del Camino.  Two posts about the day, one with a bat, the other without.
  30. Wednesday. 7/9/16. Rabanal del Camino to Villafranca del Bierzo.  Three posts: one about the journey to Villafranca and getting over the hills, one moving on with FUD, particularly the U, and one about that and NHS and other healthcare data.
  31. Thursday. 8/9/16.  Villafranca del Bierzo to Sarria. Just one post about having to get off and push!
  32. Friday. 9/9/16. Sarria to … Palas de Rei (60km) if I make it!  Ha!  I actually made if further to Melite/Melide, see post: The yellow man has (nearly) caught the last bus home and a post about Melite/Melide, actually put up 10/9/16.
  33. Saturday. 10/9/16. Melide/Melite to Santiago de Compostela pretty well guaranteed barring “a mechanical”, as the road cyclists put it, or any other “act of God” as the insurers put it!
    I made it! but probably not doing Finisterre but I’ll leave these next two as they were.  Two posts: I’ve made it! and a bit more, including an account of my bizarre experiences when I reached the Cathedral square.
  34. Sunday. 11/9/16. Moving on, despite not cycling to Finisterre.  Two posts so far, one about moving on and one about people I’ve met along the way and their general warmth and generosity.
  35. Monday. 12/9/16.  Getting to know Santiago de Compostela.  Three posts: getting certified and renamed!, the cathedral (I), from yesterday mainly, and the cathedral (II), from today mostly.
  36. Tuesday. 13/9/16.  Fly home via Madrid and Luton