2022 Alpine view timelapse videos

Created 2.ii.22

Here we go again: my usual annotated framegrab here to name some landmarks. Click on the image to expand it.

Annotated view of the timelapse videos
Annotated view of the timelapse videos

2nd of February 2022. First day back here after a long time. Day of layers of cloud, first high above and down in the valley but the high cloud goes quite early and is replaced by cloud at our level. Lights that look a bit like fireworks in the dark at the end will be piste bashers working (at the far end of Les Arcs?) (3/5)

3rd of February 2022. Missed the sunrise and just caught the end of the rising sun colouring Mont Blanc orange. Then a calm cloud day with a steady stream of high cloud only thickening to full cover and lowering promise from about 2 minutes in. (3/5)

4th of February 2022. Clear sunrise with nice yellows and oranges and a little cloud bubbling to leeward off the high peaks then a clear blue sky. Late on you can tell there’s some high atmospheric haze from the slight fuzziness of the shadows of A2k and Haut Bois and there a few thin wisps of cirrus which fits with that I guess. 2/5

5th of February 2022. Day breaks with much cumulus down in the valley and some just above us and blue sky poking through. Both layers of cloud thin and the valley cloud disappears but cumulus continues to bubble and seeth on the peaks. By about 2’30” the upper cloud ahs thinned out a lot and there are brief, soft pinks as the sun goes down and the cloud thickens again. 3/5

6th of February 2022. Lovely sunrise with thin cloud in the valley and high above us. That changes to mostly blue sky with no cloud left in the valley and a little high cirrus moving across. That thickens as the day goes on into total high coverage and by two minutes in it’s looking dark but that is followed by a rather lovely parting to reveal bue sky and standing high cloud for a short time before total coverage comes back as the sun sets. 4/5

7th of February 2022. Day starts with snow still falling and blowing around (and fuzzing up the image where it hits the window). Around 57″ in there is a sudden break to show some blue sky and that comes and goes over the next few seconds (one second in the time lapse is 3’20” of real life). By about 1’20” it is mostly blue sky with a little bright white cumulus and you can see how fast the sun burns snow and ice off the black tarmac of the roads. By a gentle sunset there is just one thin layer of cumulus left at the head of the valley. 4/5

8th of February 2022. Gentle sunrise with washes of colour gradually revealing a cloudless sky. Apart from contrails and thin wisps of high cloud in the distance that’s how it stays as the day runs through to a sunset mirrorign the sunrise. 2/5

9th of February 2022. Another cloudless sunrise and that continues bar contrails and a little high haze just before a pleasant sunset. 2/5

10th of February 2022. Nice sunrise, however, that’s all we get really. I have no idea why the recording stopped but I’ll try to keep an eye on it today!

11th of February 2022. Amusing start with piste basher and snow/sleet on window creating a star effect. Then into the snowfall and a few swirls of cloud from below. Around 1’15” blue sky breaks through rather beautifully and the clouds change steadily from grey snow dumping ones to puffy white cumulu bubbling against brilliant blue sky. Lovely flares of colour as the sun sets. 4/5

12th of February 2022. Predawn work by a piste basher then cloudless dawn with contrails then gradually thin, high cloud develops. I guess contrails may be a sign that the conditions for consdensation are there. By 2’50” that cloud is pretty total in coverage and the sun sets behind it with only a brief, thin wash of pink. 2/5

13th of February 2022. Day starts with a piste basher working hard in the beginners’ area between Haut Bois and MMV and then the action is pretty well only the choughs flying around and the ant-like snow related human activity! The other interest is that a cloudless sky (all day) and the pretty pristine snow make the progress of the shadows of Haut Bois and of Aime2000 particularly clear. 2/5

14th of February 2022. Day starts with cloud streaming over just above us here and that thickens to pretty total coverage which gradually darkens until just after two minutes in the snow starts. That thickens and thins through to sunset. 3/5

15th of February 2022. Rather a fun daybreak with driving snow fairly rapidly breaking and blue sky peeking through fairly unthreatening white cloud, though the snow continues to come in showers. By 1’30” there’s enough blue sky and sun to show the snow dusted trees on Mont St. Jacques looking rather lovely, but the snow showers continue at intervals. I’m used to things changing quite fast up here but this frequency of alternating snow and sun feels quite unusual and continued until the sun disappeared. 4/5

16th of February 2022. Sun rises behind total cloud cover and that stays right through the day with intermittent wispy waves of low cumulus coming up from below too. Snow showers go through the day and the snow worshippers mill around animatedly. The steam/smoke from the Haut Bois boiler show the wind swinging around a lot and it’s fun to watch as snow ploughs and traffic fight the fallling snow to turn the road from white to black. 3/5

17th of February 2022. A pretty cloudy and snowy start to the day. From about 1’30” the cloud down in the valley ebbs and flows rather nicely below the grey cloud above. Towards the end of the day things thin out a bit and there are slivers of blue sky before we are plunged into darkness. 3/5

3rd of March 2022. Missed the sunrise: apologies! Cumulus bubbling at the peaks in the distance blows away quite rapidly to leave a bright blue sky and strong sun and that’s how it stays until late (c2’40”?) when some high peak cumulus builds again. Just after 3’0″ Mont Blanc is touched briefly with pink which was much more beautiful live! 2/5

4th of March 2022. A nice sunrise with a piste basher bashing away in front of MMV and a somewhat unusual layer of cloud high across the top of the valley. That is followed by, or morphs into, a bubbling of cumulus at the tops of all the peaks and across the head of the valley and then pretty much anywhere above the valley. Finally, brief splashes of pink on the clouds and on Mont Blanc before the sun sets. 2/5

5th of March 2022. This is “changeover day” and I think you can see that in the number of headlights going up and down the hairpins as the sun rises. As it rises there’s haze at the head of the valley that slowly thins out. After that it’s clear blue sky and the changeover day aspect is underlined by how few snow worshippers there are out there. A little cloud forms across the valley lae in the day and helps make a nice if fleeting sunset. 3/5?

6th of March 2022. Light in the sky from the start, I need to start getting up earlier! Gentle pastel sunrise and just haze in the distance, no clouds. A little cumulus (I think, it’s rather linear) puffs p from the far horizon and comes towards us in waves as the day goes on. Is it actually much higher? That’s all gone again by 2’00” and from about 2’25” there a few very small puffs that definitely are mountain cumulus on the peaks and a very pale blue sky goes through a quick phase of pink before the sun sets. 3/5 for the sheer mellowness?!

7th of March 2022. A nice sunrise with the piste basher bashing away in front of MMV and a little thin high cloud catching the rising sun prettily. Then very slowly drifting high cloud and blue sky. That’s it until a brief flash of pink as the sun goes down! 2/5?

8th of March 2022. A cloudless but hazy sunrise which is rather nice. A little high clouds starts in the far distance from about 45″ and builds very slowly, starting to send off thin high clouds that sweep towards us. That thickens to some nice shapes from around 3’0″ in time to catch a tinges of colour as the sun sets. 3/5

9th of March 2022. More intensity in the sun as it rises today than in recent days: less atmospheric haze? Then a brilliant clear sky, just varying haze in the far, far distance. That thickens but never forms cloud and the sun sets calmly! 2/5.

10th of March 2022. Nice cloudless sunrise and cloudless until about 1’50” after which thin high cloud, and contrails, form slowly. Around 2’50” two clouds move across each other clearly underlining that the wind at different heights above us can be in different directions. A lot of paragliders in the afternoon. Nice, gentle sunset. 3/5

11th of March 2022. Sun rose with lovely colours catching rather nice clouds above the peaks and those billowed elegantly but were quickly eclipsed by a total ceiling of somewhat higher cloud that looked a bit snowy but not quite. That pattern of thickening and thinning cloud continued through the rest of the day and the shadows when they came were noticeably softer, of course, than in the recent sunny days. Sunset was really a blue fade out. 2/5

12th of March 2022. A sort of luminous sunrise under a complete ceiling of cloud. About 1’10” some blue shows through and some rather wraith-like cumulus forms across the valley and comes and goes after that as more blue gradually shades through the higher cloud. About 2’52” lovely tiered cumulus appears above and beyond Mont St. Jacques but doesn’t last and we dive into darkness. 3/5

13th of March 2022. Another cloud covered sunrise with a little pink in the far distance. The cloud cover seems lower than in the last few days and you can see the bumpy undersurface of it. From about 1’20” some blue sky shows through breaks but it remains pretty cloud covered and then it goes back to total coverage through to sunset. 2/5

14th of March 2022. Hm, sunrise is getting earlier and earlier (of course), I will have to set my alarm earlier. Sunny dawn with very little cloud, just high cirrus and contrails. That’s going across quite fast WSW (I think): rather different from recent days when it has been SSE I think. That high cloud thickens as the day goes on but not steadily though by about 2’0″ it’s covering most of the visible sky. It thickens again to quite a lowering ceiling: certainly not just cirrus and a lovely foaming of cumulus bubbles over towards us at the head of the valley just before the sun sets. 2/5

15th of March 2022. Well low cloud hard to distinguish from mist/fog as the sun rises. Total cloud cover continues with a rather sulphurous tinge to the cloud across the valley. About 2’15” the cloud breaks up a bit to show some blue sky and turns from grey and lowering to mostly white only to get another pinkish tint as the sun sets. 3/5?

16th of March 2022. Soft toned and rather beautiful sunrise with a lot of haze and then a lot of thin high cloud that thickened to fairly total but white coverage. Parapenters flash by and the haze continues fairly unusually but rather monotonously! Later that thickens to thin rain and sleet. Blueish fade to black! Lovely sunrise so just about 3/5?

17th of March 2022. Another hazy, cloudy start to the day. At times the cloud does thin to almost let blue show through but it never truly parts. At times there are drips falling, not sure if that was real rain or melting snow and ice above me. It’s worth staying to the end for a brief firework display! 3/5

18th of March 2022. Another hazy, misty, cloud covered sunrise but with low cloud down in the valley today. Around 2’35” a very little blue sky peeks through but it’s pretty rapidly obscured and the cloud changes to a mix of darker greys and white before the sun sets. 2/5

19th of March 2022. A nice sunrise to a wedge of high cloud above Mont Blanc and away to the north and west and a lovely brief flash of pink. Then it’s cirrus for a while. (I think it is cirrus though one bank seems perhaps too solid and persistent and takes ages to sweep slowly across the scene? As it thins out and finally disappears at about 2’25” it’s clearly become cirrus. Hm.) From that point on there is not real cloud though some haze. Sunset is dull! 2/5

20th of March 2022. Hm, sun rising as the video starts: I must set my alarm earlier. Lovely sunrise with succession of colours and cloud bubbling and seething over the ridges at the head of the valley, haze above that and clear blue sky higher again. About 1’30” some rather flat cumulus starts to form on the peaks across the valley and, from the shadows, above me too. That thickens until it covers the whole sky. It gets a bit more patchy before a deep blue sunset with pretty total cloud cover. 3/5

21st of March 2022. Pale hazy sunrise with a bank of cloud in the distance beyond the head of the valley. That slowly moves towards us and breaks into pieces (at least, I think that’s what’s happening!) After that goes there is haze for a bit and then lovely cirrus: real mackerels’ tails. That’s followed by high thin banks of cloud I don’t really know how to name but they cast lovely racing shadows like wraiths from Lord of the Rings on Mont St. Jacques, and at the last, a rather wan sunset! (3/5)

22nd of March 2022. Nice phases of yellows and oranges then the common colour lurch and the rising sun in a pretty cloudless sky sweeps a sort of band of light across the slopes on the far side of the valley. High air must be pretty dry as there are no clouds and no contrails and the shadows of A2k as they start to sweep across the covered car park are sharp edged. Perhaps that there is little colour in the sunset also follows from little moisture? 2/5

23rd of March 2022. Yet another pretty cloudless sky as the sun rises. (The snow is melting away fast.) As yesterday, no contrails and no clouds all day. 2/5

24th of March 2022. Another cloudless, gently coloured sunrise. Some parapenters directly ahead about 1’19”. Apart from that it’s just the march of the shadows and a nice russet light on the larches on Mont St. Jacques before a gentle sunset. (2/5)

25th of March 2022. The sun rises to a little drifting cirrus catching the light and colour. That continues to drift across in nice patterns. Some parapenters but not easy to catch. By 2’20” the cloud has gone and by 2’50” a little cumulus starts to bubble beyond and above the peaks across the valley. Finally a slow, mellow sunset with the piste bashers in the distance in Les Arcs and Tignes like fireflies. (3/5)

26th of March 2022. Whoops, I missed the sunrise. Remember waking to the alarm but think I switched the radiator on (unnecessarily), not the phone camera! A lot of early piste basher activity but not much in the sky! Some parapenters? A single tiny cloud appears above Mont St. Jacques at about 2’39” and disappears as quickly as it came. A little pink colour as the sun sets. 1/5

27th of March 2022. Distant haze catches rising sun to give lovely warm colours in the first seconds of the video. High cirrus drifts slowly across from behind then more from the right (I must sort out compass bearings accuratedly here). That thickens to equally slow moving high cumulus I think and slowly comes to cover most of the sky and the shadows as the sun moves over are very diffuse. Pale sunset (2/5).

28th of March 2022. Nice sunrise with just a little haze and cirrus and the haze in the valley creates rather fine “atmospheric perspective” early on. Then we move to much less haze and no clouds. About 2’25” the cirrus comes back, and contrails and the cloud cover is almost complete but sunset has not a hint of warm colours. 2/5

29th of March 2022. A blue sunrise with layers of high cloud that tinges with pink as the sun gains altitude and as it does the cloud thins a bit. That reveals that it’s moving fast up there, much faster than the last few days and in the timelapse that creates flickering light on the slopes. From about 2’0″ there is a haze of very light snow or drizzle falling, the former up here and the latter in the valley I’m sure. That thickens after 3’0″ but there are glimpses of blue again behind the cloud before the sun sets. 3/5

30th of March 2022. Light snow falling as the sun rises (invisibly) and the colour balance flails around. by 2’0″ the snow/cloud thins enough to see MMV and by 2’30” it breaks but we are still under a solid layer of grey cloud above. There’s a brief flash of warm colour as the sun sets and some reflections of the firework display that followed but that was behind me! (2/5)

31st of March 2022. Light snowfall and cloud as the sun rises given that lovely “slot window” view at times peering out between the cloud above and below. By 40″ there is a brief glimpse of some blue sky but it doesn’t last. Snow showers come and go but, though it will settle where there is already snow, you can see that it’s melting immediately on the road and roofs. From about 2’0″ there is more sun coming through but again it doesn’t last, there’s another such break around 2’50” and 3’20”. All in all, a turbulent and rather lovely day to watch! 3/5

1st of April 2022. Light sort of just fades in and we have cloud above and the cloud full of cloud and intermittent snow until about 40″ when some blue sky peeks through but that doesn’t last long and we’re back to snow and it thickens to a moderate fall at times after that. By late afternoon it has settled across the roof of Haut Bois and is starting to settle on the road. 3/5 for all the snow?

2nd of April 2022. Dark and blowy start to the day and sunrise is blue then back to grey. Snow falling and just about settling on the road even, at least at first. This is late season changeover day so much more road traffic than in weekdays. About 1’25” the clouds open enough to see down into the valley a bit and see how much snow has settled down there (quite a bit!) Then low cloud bubbles up from the valley but mostly some snow continues to fall though the level varies. Interestingly the “Golf” seems to be out of action and I think the lift up “S’s little black” is too (just beyond MMV). I guess that may be avalanche risk. Eventually we just fade to dark. 3/5.

3rd of April 2022. I never really know what is fog and what is cloud up here but it was one of those as the sun rose, mostly cloud I think. It stayed that way, with a very little snow falling , through to about 1’40” when we can see through to the other side of the valley for a short time. About 2’14” blue sky suddenly appears and white cloud bubbles just above us and that mix continues until a rather nice sunset with Mont Blanc visible for the first time in days (a week?) (3/5)

4th of April 2022. We start in fog/cloud again which goes to a rather fine “blue out” and then to the more usual white out and then to bubbling cloud sweeping over us but with glorious blue sky above and all the peaks in the distance crystal clear to see for the first time in a week or so. The rest of the day is lovely with a constant bubbling of cumulus just above us (I guess about 2500-5500m generally). That casts lovey shadows on the slopes. It thins out about 3’20” to a pretty cloudless sunset with a glow on Mont Blanc. (Much more beautiful live!) 4/5

5th of April 2022. Ah, the thick cloud of the last few days had meant I’d not adjusted to the steadily earlier sunrise so I missed the very start but the dawn that follows is lovely with long linear cloud in the very distance catching the sun beautifully. From then on it’s mostly clear blue sky and brilliant sun with just a little high cumulus in the far distance beyond and a bit above the high peaks. As the afternoon winds on the shadows show hard edged by the absence of haze or cloud and the brown of the larches on Mont St. Jacques catch the warm sunset and we fade out to black. 3/5 (mostly for the sunrise!)

6th of April 2022. Lovely blue sunrise turns through white back to blue (OK, you can’t expect any camera to keep colour balance through that!) The sky is cloudless until 1’37” when contrails and puffs of cumulus off the peaks start up and thicken rapidly (and the cumulus moves to the centre of the valley. By 2’40” some of the cloud is a lowering dark grey and showers sweep across from about 3’17”. Not sure if that is snow, sleet or rain but as the sun sets it’s definitely snow falling. 3/5

7th of April 2022. The sunrise is essentially undectable behind snow showers and these just thin out to reveal the view. After that we cycle through showers, disappearing into cloud and clearer patches in which the two layers of cloud above, and down in the valley are very clear. Not a lot of people on the golf lift, it must have been rather grim out there really. 3/5?

8th of April 2022. Another sunrise hidden by cloud and snow falling and for a while the snow falls quite heavily. The avalanche blasters boomed loudly a fair bit in the morning. The fall thins and a clear gap between cloud above and cloud below appears for a bit (around 1’55”) but gets swallowed up again and that oscillation continues through the day and I cut things out after quite a Wagnerian end to the day. 4/5?

9th of April 2022. In cloud and snow as the sun rises again and we move into more of a mix with clear blue sky showing through and the snow covered slopes across the valley visible from time to time. Yo can see one of the snow ploughs working in the Haut Bois/Aime2000 car park early on. I think the snow across the valley recedes rapidly as the day goes on despite continuing cloud and some snow showers. Fade to black. 3/5

10th of April 2022. Lovely sunrise with Haut Bois puffing away and a little thin cloud down in the valley that burns away very rapidly. By about 1’40” a little thin, high cloud is forming and slicing across and softening the light a bit and that’s how things stay until a pastel sunset. 3/5

11th of April 2022. Busy piste basher below as the sun rises and then contrails move in. Interesting to see that there are clearly two different lots of them: the air highways above us. Then cirrus starts to drift across swamping the contrails. Some nice shapes in the cirrus and interesting to see the shadows of the contrails in it more than to be able to see them directly. The cloud cover thikens later in the day. Nice blushes of colour on Mont St. Jacques after 3’40” and a lovely pink in the sky as the sun sets. 4/5

12th of April 2022. I liked this sunrise with the high cloud moving away from us in a stately way and the colours flushing it warmly. Looking at Mont Blanc it’s clear, or rather, because it’s so hazy and unclear, that there’s not only a lot of high cloud but a lot of haze from us (2000m) upwards and a lighter haze down in the valley. There’s a steady dripping from melting snow above flicking across the view (in case you were wondering what those white flickers are). By the evening the cloud cover is total though still white to light grey, not snow laden. However, it’s enough to pretty much strangle out and sunset colour. 3/5 (and mostly for the sunrise)

13th of April 2022. A very grey, misty, overcast morning as the sun rises. The high cloud is moving faster than of late and is more dappled too. Around 1’40” it’s as if someone hit the brakes, at first I thought the video had stopped but the ski lifts are still running. The cloud passage slows really abruptly and then the high cloud thins out and blue sky comes through late afternoon, still very slow moving. Around 3’40”, shortly before the sun sets, there are two layers of high cloud, the lower almost stationary and the upper moving right to left. Fun! 3/5

14th of April 2022. Lovely sunrise with only a very little cloud around, most of it behind the peaks across the valley. After that the snow worshippers bustle but the sky remains gloriously blue and empty. By about 2’15” there is clearly a little high haze in the far distance and from abotut 2’45” little cumulus a bit above us and on the far peaks develops forming rather fine pillars across the valley and to the right of Mont Blanc. Eventually we fade to black. 4/5

15th of April 2022. Nice sunrise with a a little high cloud, a progression of gentle colour changes and a succession of contrails shooting through. Some parapenters around 1’10”. Then some cumulus puffs up just above the peaks and builds and casts fun shadows on Mont St. Jacques. That thickens but thins again as the sun sets and the movement of the cumulus comes to a halt so what there is catches the setting sun nicely. 4/5?

16th of April 2022. Drifting cloud just above above us and in the distance as the sun rises with some warm colour flushes. That’s followed by a surge of low cloud up from the valley and things don’t really settle until 1’20” when we get to a mix of puffy little cumulus on the peaks this side of the valley on and above the high pasture on the other side. The high cloud disappears but the cumulus continues to dance and seethe and cast fine shadows. At times it feels a bit like watching a shadow puppet play. That all stops shortly before sunset which is rather dull though foreshadowed by a nice warm flush across the larches on Mont St. Jacques. 4/5

17th of April 2022. An almost cloudless sky as the sun comes up and atmospheric haze, particularly in the valley, shows the sun beams as the sun rises. From about 1’25” puffs of cumulus rise from the high slopes opposite and then off Mont St. Jacques. Those rather sweet little puffs of cloud cme and go and gradually thicken and start to cast their wraith like shadows. Then much more high cloud comes in from beyond Mont Blanc and parades across above us until the sun sets. 4/5

18th of April 2022. Mellow sunrise with cumulus rapidly melting away as the sun hit it and nice sunbeans into the valley through haze. Then into a phase of thin high cloud skidding across while cumulus boils on the peaks and on the high pasture opposite. That’s how things stay really though the cumulus thickens and thins. The general movement seems to stop shortly before the gentle, blue sunset. 3/5

19th of April 2022. Really lovely sunrise with thin high cirrus streaming across and catching the sun and the changing colours. From about 50″ there’s a fascinating stationary high cloud for a few seconds. Later, about 1’30” in?, a bubble of cumulus forms in direct line between use and Mont Blanc but I think actually quite a way from MB. Whey there? In fact it turns into quite a day for stationary, reforming clouds. Things sort of settle down before the sunset of deepening blue. 4/5?

20th of April 2022. Blue and green tints before the yellows and orange as the sun rises. Then there’s a lot of thin high cirrus and some contrails and the cirrus. Around 1’30” there’s a run of contrails that show as shadows before they show themselves. From perhaps 2’20” the high cloud cover is pretty complete and quite thick cumulus forms beneath that and gets to look a bit louring as the evening comes in. It doesn’t go beyond louring though and we fade out through blue. 3/5

21st of April 2022. Heavy layer of high clouds as the sun rises gives a nice projection screen for a flash of colour and there are nice wisps of cumulus in the far distance against a slit of sky. That’s all lost quickly and a wall of cloud forms at the far head of the valley. However the high cloud thins and light cumulus starts to bubble on Mont St. Jacques. That in turn spreads to cover teh sky and by 2’20” there are sleety showers. Then back to blue sky and cumulus. A very changeable day! Back to overcast then a brief mix of blue sky and pink sun on the cumulus before we fade to black. Lots of action but none of it very exciting or beautiful! 3/5

22nd of April 2022. Dawn has banks of high cloud drifting very slowly and a little cumulus bubbling beyond the peaks across the valley. Slowly the direction of the high cloud changes and it simply covers things completely. It thickens and thins as the day goes on and the cumulus bubbles up on and around all the peaks. By 2’40” a little blue sky can be seen but it is short lived, same at 3’30” and then the sun goes and we fade through blue to blackout. 2/5

23rd of April 2022. A lot of cloud streaming over just above us as the sun rises and that continues, with occasional showers until the first blue sky shows about 1’30” in. That doesn’t last and there are more showers later, and a little more blue sky. Alll in all a pretty grey, sleety day! 2/5

24th of April 2022. Nice blue sunrise with the high cloud streaming away from us over head and catching a brief, lovely flash of orange and some thin cloud eddying around down in the valley. As the light gets through it’s clear that quite a lot of snow fell in the night (6″ to a foot on the terrace). The cloud down in the valley thickens sweeps up our little side valley in waves eventually, about 2’15” reaching us and then, about 2’55” becoming or being replaced by, a layer of cloud above us and a little snow falls from that from time to time. That cloud becomes very dark and louring as night falls and we’re in for more snow. 3/5

25th of April 2022. Dawn in cloud and with snow falling. Cloud swashes up and down from the valley and there’s clearly a good layer above us. First brief glimpse of blue sky at 1’25” but it disappears pretty immediately. Things only really change after two minutes in when the snow cloud has clearly gone and we have mostly cumulus at about our level or just above. When there are big enough gaps there is some high cloud sitting above it. Nice flashes of orange on the cumulus as the sun sets at about 3’50”. 3/5

26th of April 2022. Feels rather an unusual sunrise with multiple layers of cloud: think in the valley and thicker above and the light slowly lighting up between the two. By one minute in things are rather different, all white cumulus puffs rather than layers and blue sky peeping through above. As the day goes on that sort of returns more to layered cloud though still cumulus and mostly at about 3000m and above and much more blue sky. By 3’30” there is very little cloud at all and the sunset that follows is slow and mellow. 3/5

27th of April 2022. A cloudless sunrise with the sun sweeping up and shining though a light haze in the valley. From about 55 seconds in there are hints of high haze coalescing into thin cloud but it doesn’t happen. It’s not until two minutes in that the upper atmosphere clearly gets to a mix of temperature and water content to get some contrails and after them there is a procession of very think cirrus until the shadows start their daily march across the view and finally the sun sets. 3/5

28th of April 2022. Glowing sunrise with a little foaming of cloud in the pass at the head of the valley. Then hazy with contrails shooting over (they really do go over at different speeds don’t they?) About 1’35” the cloud briefly foams up in the pass again but it doesn’t develop. There’s a nice glowing light on Mont St. Jacques before the sun sets on what had been a nearly cloud free day. 2/5

29th of April 2022. Glowing and lovely sunrise with a fair bit of high cloud drifting across and catching the colours. That slow progression of cirrus continues with the occasional contrail visible shooting across above it. From around 2’50” some cloud bubbles off the peaks across the valley so we have two layers but the low one is very localised. Meanwhile the high cloud thickens and we fade out through blues to darkness. 3/5 (mostly for the sunrise!)

30th of April 2022. Strange sunrise with a little light right at the head of the valley first and then rather fine mix of two layers of cumulus the higher one scudding across and the lower one anchored on the local peaks. That phases into blue sky and the lower cumulus now less anchored. By 3’0″ showers, first rain I think then sleet and snow follow. By 3’50” there’s a nice flash of colour as the sun sets. 4/5?

1st of May 2022. Nice sunrise with lots of cloud drifting in rapidly to engulf us and a river of low cloud down in the valley. All very dramatic as the sun cuts through all that and cumulus bubbles up off specific bits of high pasture and things don’t settle into a more regular pattern of cumulus just above us until about 1’50”. The dusting of snow that had fallen overnight burns off by then. The lifts are stationary as the ski season finished yesterday. Around 3’20” the cumulus above darkens but doesn’t come to anything and pulls back nad turns white to catch the glow of the sun as it sets. 4/5

2nd of May 2022. Lovely sunrise with haze in the air but no real clouds other than a tiny ridge of cumulus just at the head of the valley. From about 30″ in a very little thin, high cloud forms and from 1’15” the cumulus starts to foam off all the peaks below blue sky with very think cirrus drifting across. Some cumulus bubbles in the middle of the valley and the shadows on the sprawl of pasture opposite are fun to watch. As so often the shape of the cumulus changes late afternoon with rather grand piles across the valley but that fades as the sun sets. 3/5

3rd of May 2022: no video because the old ‘phone rebooted for updates (I think, though it still insisted I take it through umpteen more upgrades and reboots after I realised!)

4th of May 2022. There are two videos for this as the ‘phone reboot on the 3rd turned out to have reset the time interval for the videos so there is one version which is 8-10x slower than usual and lasts about half an hour. That is here, however I hate to let IT issues beat me (SO much of my life lost fighting those battles!) so …

4th of May 2022 shortened! Quick blue flash of sunrise under a lot of cloud scudding over at I guess about 3.5km. By 39″ that has thinned to light cumulus and then nothing at that level and the sun coming through boils some low cumulus up in the valley and on the pastures across from us where they catch the sun. By 1’40” the cloud has thickened again and shows start to march across beneath them. Nice shadow dance/march too. The upper cloud turns solid and is dowsing the whole scene with rain/sleet as the sun sets. Nice day for seeing how it all happens. 3/5

5th of May 2022: same issue as I hadn’t realised the situation with the old ‘phone until too late so here is the very long version, and …

5th of May 2022 shortened. Another blueish sunrise pretty much hidden by cloud above but this time the valley is full of cloud too which starts to swish up towards us and to bring in snow falling quite hard for a short while, but then it settles to steady but very think snowfall and/or cloud all over us. At times it’s so thick that Haut Bois is almost disappearing and it’s not until just before sunset that MMV is visible. Grey/white old day! 2/5

6th of May 2022. A dark and cloudy start and the sunrise is blue! Once the sun is up we continue to be in waves of cloud both from below and above. There are showers as the day goes on, rain or sleet and only glimpses of sky through the whole day. 2/5

7th of May 2022. Nice sunrise with a slit of clear sky , blue light and cloud above and below. The scene changes pretty dramatically about 3″ in and we shift to bright blue sky above but a real foaming up up thick white cumulus from the valley often pretty much blocking out the view. Gradually the cloud down in the valley boils off but the cumulus just above us thickens by then and white and grey cloud alternate until about 2’40” when some really lovely showers start up and thicken for a bit. Then things change again to pretty total cloud coverage a bit higher above us and cloud seething down below again and that’s how it stays until sunset. 3/5

8th of May 2022. Sun is rising as video starts and this is a fine sunrise with the valley full of cloud catching the sun gloriously and a bubbling wall of cloud at the head of the valley and spitting waves of cloud coming up from the billows in the valley early on. The valley cloud burns away by about 1’30” and the cumulus on the peaks starts with some high cloud drifting over above. Around 2’30” the peak cloud turns dark and the rain comes in to be followed with phase after 3’0″ with two layers of cloud moving in opposite directions and at 3’40” there’s a lovely rainbow. Sunset is lowering and dark. 5/5?

9th of May 2022. The last now until June! A gentle sunrise with a thin finger of cloud around 4km up across the head of the valley. That burns away and about one minute in rather glorious smoke signals of cumulus shoot up off Mont St. Jacques and are gradually copied by brews off pretty much all the peaks. They thicken gradually and create lovely dappling shadows across the valley. About 3’20” we get rain showers and lovely rainbows followed by a rather nice sunset. 4/5 and a nice way to end for now.