[Updated 10/8/19, replacing 23/8/17 page and 9/8/16 stub]

Oh dear, back on 9/8/16 I said: “There will be maps, lots of maps … when I’ve sorted out the technology of that!”

Then on 23/8/17 I had got as far as: “Well I’m getting to understand a bit more about gpx and other route data formats and different ways to create maps. For now the big achievement is: …

A map of the whole journey as captured so far. (I tried to update this at intervals and it does have the whole journey.) …

… But sadly, as of 23/8/17, I haven’t got much more up here by way of maps.  But I am working on it!”

And some time after that, I did get a single, interactive map of the whole journey working. That’s the one in the dropdown menu below “Maps” … but of course today, 10/8/19, that’s not working. Back to the drawing board!