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GDPR compliance and a gull!

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I’ve been getting “GDPR …”, “confirm you want …” and “Updating our privacy policy” Emails for weeks in a swelling tide and I’ve been amused to see them slowly getting, in my not so humble, barrack room lawyer opinion, on average more and more well judged about what GDPR really requires.  I do now wonder whether the organisations that are still asking us to confirm that we want to receive things are tacitly admitting that they don’t know if all the Email addresses they hold were...

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A surreal Brexit/semigration experience

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About ten days ago I found myself in an excellent short research meeting in Roehampton University (UR).  There were four of us in the room and we’d agreed to meet because we had overlapping interests in researching the positive and the negative perceptions and experiences many bereaved people have of the deceased person being still present: “Experiences of Continuing Presence” (ECP) and “Continuing Bonds” (CB). The four of us were a lecturer in UR who is German by birth but has lived in the UK for many years and...

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Visiting the Garden of Cosmic Speculation

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Oh dear, I do struggle with, and side tracked by, technology.  With J and tnp I visited the Garden of Cosmic Speculation on Sunday. I’ll try to write more about it but, though I’m not very pleased with my ‘phone ‘photos, it was a place that I thought told me emphatically: “now you really must sort out how to put up ‘photo galleries in your web pages!”  So I have tried.  It’s already gobbled several hours and I have only got less than a quarter of the ‘photos that I think might be worth...

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But what do you DO? Is it still CORE? Well yes, partly …

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Hm.  I have been asked these questions rather a lot in the last few weeks.  I should stay in more!  No, that’s not the answer … and I doubt if a quick blog post on the topic will solve the problem either. Why do I find it difficult to answer that question but also feel picqued and a bit irritated by follow up one (from people who know I helped create CORE: Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation)? I sometimes make evasive jokes about not yet watching day time TV or just say that I’m a lady of leisure now I’m clinically...

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“Semigrating” to France

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I’m not doing very well with this blog am I?  No!  Ah well, let’s see if it improves. You may be thinking “He hardly posts at all these days and now he can’t even spell ’emigrating’!”  But not so, as that sentence nicely proves, I can spell ’emigrating’. However, I’ve just invented the word “semigrating” to describe the process of going to live a little over half the year in another country.  I know the rich have been doing it for decades to avoid paying taxes but...

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A greater spotted woodpecker on the peanut feeder: bliss!

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Well, I’ve been hopeless at keeping the blog going despite my good intentions.  Maybe I can let myself put up a post whose real content is in the title/subject line?  Yes.  Bliss it was indeed Thursday morning to look out of the kitchen window whilst making coffee.  S/he flew off to our false acacia tree where my daughter could see her/him too, and hopped up it in a wonderful, pure woodpecker way, then flew off, but we had insufficient angle to see the unmistakable undulating flight. Yes, and it bears repetition: bliss it was …...

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“Don’t fence me in”

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I had a wonderful experience last night.  “Don’t fence me in” is the title of a documentary film by Charles Maplestone, see page at Malachite Art Films. The British Library hosted a first public screening last night and early evening, in the hell of the London rush hours, I cycled across a drizzly and cold London from Roehampton to to the BL to get to the showing and was richly rewarded for my determination as the film is lovely. The BL cinema isn’t huge but it was packed, I think there were probably 250 of us there...

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Internal (neurotic? psychotic?) insecurities and the appeal of maths

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One week gone of 2018’s 52.  One of my new year resolutions was to try to keep this blog going a bit less erratically than I have been doing. Shouldn’t be difficult: set the bar really low and I should be able to jump it! Something that’s been swimming around in my mind this week has been how much I yearn to use maths, typically statistics, accurately and well in my research work. That’s not the whole of my approach to research. For years now I have been sure that most of the really important questions about...

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Reviewing 2017 and resolutions for 2018

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2017 was a funny old year from my point of view.  I didn’t redo a real cycling pilgrimage which was right; I gave up being an employed academic after only one academic year in which that had been my sole job, that too was right; I did clear a bit of the research backlog that has accumulated in some very slowly accelerating landslide, over the last decade or so, that was a start; I even got my head around some statistical theory and practice that I hadn’t known before, that was good; I did manage to kick out a few papers but not...

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A lot has been happening in the last week, in the last year …

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By this time last year I was back home in London.  Yesterday was the first anniversary of my return and I spent most of it in a tiny B&B room here in Barcelona … Yes, there really about 50cm between the foot of the bed and that thin chest of drawers and there’s about a metre between the bed and the other chest of drawers and 1.5m to the doorway, in which I’m standing to take that.  The staff here ( are lovely and it’s very central in Barcelona.  I think I’d recommend it as a place to...

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