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The highs and lows of watching the greatest lunar eclipse I’ll ever see!

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Is there anyone likely to be reading this who won’t know that we all got between the moon and the sun, carrying out the most extensive blockade of it’s light and warmth it’ll suffer in the entire 21st century?  I suspect not. So you all know about it. I gather that very few people in the UK got to see it because the malevolent weather gods  that have been persecuting the UK with a near or actual record heatwave for weeks,(I agree: with a lot of help from our climate change deniers and our general greed), chose to cover most...

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My first near visitors: 18.vii.18 … cycling and isolation/loneliness

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[I think all graphics in this post will expand if you click or double click on them.] I thought that self-portrait would be a sensible way to start this little post.  OK, I don’t really do sensible do I?! Talking of not really doing sensible, I’ve just wasted several hours, not for the first time, trying get a better way of putting GPS recorded tracks into WordPress blog posts … and failed again!  I will try to pass on without cursing too loudly. Back on the 23rd of June I had scoped out the trip up to the saddle between my...

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Back in Aime 2000: this week and looking forward

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I’m back up in Aime2000 (probably “A2k” here in the future).  I arrived, via a visit to an impressive service for people with addictive or impulse control problems in Lyon on Monday, up here Tuesday evening.  Wednesday included a lovely meeting with CA, former colleague in Nottingham and her partner in Champagny; Thursday I shot down the mountain hairpins to be in Aime well before 10.00 to watch the Tour de France shoot through … then I crawled back up all those hairpins; Friday, as I feared, I didn’t get the...

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Aime to London, London to Amsterdam, Amsterdam back to London, and more to come

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Yes, it’s been more travelling and none of it went to schedule.  It started fairly well with me up at about 05.00 on Monday the 25th.  By 06.35 the view looked like this. I was off on Cerise and rapidly aware that my hands were going to freeze as I shot down the mountain road with all its hairpins, dropping through that layer of cloud, into the valley you can see below it. For the first 5 to 10km I was doing that thing of alternating a hand in my armpit to stop them getting painfully cold but by 10km it was astonishing to find that...

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Semigration stocktake 1 continued

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That was a good diversion but I need a stocktake and I think I should finish it today.  OK, the list from where I’d gotten to before I hopped off for a ride was as follows. Get French residency by Brexit date 29.iii.19. Get on towards French citizenship and EU rights for nuclear family. Political statement about Brexit particularly but perhaps more generally. Pleasure of living a bit over half the year in France. Particular pleasures, for now, of living in Aime2000. Calmer life enabling me to finish (including some start and finish)...

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Cerise and I go exploring

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Now that was good!  I did test the route to the left and the answer is that it will be not only meteorologically possible to meet up with my friends,  but it will be physiologically possible.  To be honest, I only went a short way over the saddle and into the head of the Champagny valley, it was clear there would be no further problems, just a lot of hard cycling back up, had I continued so this was only some 470m of net climb, the full round trip will be about 1,800m but I can spread it over an easy couple of hours out to meet them with this...

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Semigration stocktake 1

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In two days I’ll be hopping on Cerise to belt down the mountain road hairpins and catch the train from Aime to bring this first pathfinding snippet of semigration to an end.  Oh, sorry, you don’t know Cerise, I never was very good at proper social introduction stuff.  She’s my semigration bike.  I’m not 100% sure that’s going to be her permanent name, I’m not 100% sure of her gender but leaning to female for reasons I’m utterly unable to explain.  Hey, who wants to be crassly binary and gender rigid...

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Yesterday’s big, bike related, hike

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One of my plans for my semigrant life was to have a bike up here and one that could go off road fairly happily but wasn’t so heavy that I wouldn’t be able to cycle up from the valley.  I had been saying for a decade or so that the climb is the height of Snowdon so I was clear that any mountain bike had better not be too heavy.  Between the last two posts, on Monday before getting the taxi up here, I’d gone into Decathlon and opted for a full suspension mountain bike as it felt it would be much better for the off road and...

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Life at 2000m: settling in

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Well it’s Thursday (14th July 2018 for the record) and I arrived up here on Monday.  Time for an assessment of things.  This was my first sight of Aime2000 from the taxi (50 Euros, though a lovely driver!) coming up from Aime. (I am working on how to insert ‘photos of various sizes here: I will improve on this but no joy so far.) I hope you can see something there and you’re probably wondering why such an obviously awful shot is doing here.  Well that zigzag slightly left of centre on the skyline is Aime2000. That’s...

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The semigration has finally started: transition

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Today (Tuesday 12th of June 2018!) I woke up at 2000m and it seems about time I got another post up here to mark the event, it’s been a long time coming. I arrived up here yesterday having had a lovely send off from J & S in St. Pancras before boarding the chunnel train for Paris. That went OK though I realised that I had really loaded myself up.  Things started to go a bit off piste with the transition from Paris Gare de Nord to Paris Gare de Lyon. Getting off the train was slow owning to the sheer pressure of people and all our...

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