Cumulative map


Here’s the journey so far (evening 12/8/16).  It’s a rather nice 900.1km!  (There were a few bits that didn’t get caught by the garmin, for example, several kilometres when I didn’t notice it had decided the rutted track on the way to the horrible campsite nearest to Giverny was too bumpy and it jumped off and slunk in the dirt hoping I wouldn’t notice.)


And this is how it looks if I zoom out.  Santiago de Compostela is where the three roads meet in the bottom left and Finisterra is the bit jutting out into the Atlantic just above it.


Last updated 13/8/16: no more progress across the map for a week now as I have a week off from cycling meeting up with my wife for a simple holiday.


Oh boy has my ambition for this site outreached my ability to keep developing it while en route!  It’s now 6/9/16 and the extreme heat here in Spain has given me a bit more time on things so here is where I am now:


That’s coloured by speed and you can’t see much difference at that scale but it does vary a lot, within and between days, depending on my state, the wind, the gradient, getting lost or constantly having to check I’m on the right route and the temperature.  Here’s gradient:


You have look pretty closely at that on a screen that allows you to blow up the image, but even at that scale, gradient differences do show and I think the grim climb up over the foothills of the Pyrenees shows.  Here’s elevation:


Before I did this, I confess I had no idea how much higher these plains in Spain are.  For my own amusement I guess, here’s heart rate:


Not much to be seen on that scale.


A day later, 7/9/16, just the altitude:


Net loss of some altitude today but a fairly tough uphill start to it and back up into the hills big time tomorrow but Compostela looks really achievable and perhaps, after all, Finisterre too.

10/9/16: made it to Compostela! 2,519.5km in 34 days





Heart rate (not much change at this resolution but trust me, it really did go up and down!)


Speed.  Same as heart rate really: it really did range from so slowly I was hardly able to keep upright, frank pushing on the horrid climb to O Cebeiro (8/9/10).


Done it!  Finisterre looking unlikely: much tempted but it’s about 90km each way and a lot of climbing though no big mountains.  Probably going to quit here.