A photo cartoon of yesterday (2/9/16)

Yesterday started OK but even then I didn’t seem to have any power in my legs and it became the most  disappointing and the most dispiriting day iin terms of cycling, not the sheer gruelling challenge of the climb day but tough.

This is a lake/reservoir just outside Logroño where I ate some breakfast.  Lovely, brief flash of a kingfisher and mute swans and great crested grebes and fun watching the speed with which the ants took away the crumbs from my patisserie.



A mix of local exercisers and pilgrims.  I don’t think you can see but one of the pilgrims has a parasol and already it was hot.


I think this amazing rock formation is Nájera.


Much of the day was on the “old” N-120 which has been replaced for the infernal combustion engine by the A-12 so I  had hours of well metalled road almost to myself.  I was battered and stopped to admire this stray and derelict petrol station that was clearly left above the tide mark when the A-12 opened.


Oops.  I will leave things there as I must have breakfast and go as the temperature rises so fast.  More this evening if I get internet.  Very best to anyone reading this and apologies for tantalising.  There is more aesthetic, and heartening, architecture to come!

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