Bank holiday weekend

In the UK it’s been one of our bank holiday weekends, which means that Monday, today, has been a holiday for many people (anyone not in areas that can’t stop, like the NHS etc., workers in those fields, at least, those who have proper contracts, get to get a day off in lieu of the holiday they missed if they work a bank holiday).  It’s also been really consitently hot and sunny for the first time in a couple of weeks.  On Saturday J and I watched two whole episodes of “Cardiff Singer of the World” which actually went out live months ago but which we have “time shifted”.  We started on it before J went off to India so it’s been a broken bit of time shifting.  Not unlike this blog in that.  We watched that on top of at least one episode of “Brooklyn 99” on Netflix which daughter has got us watching dubbed into French for the benefit of our French.  (But with English subtitles as probably only daughter’s French is up to getting all the humour without them.)  The result is a bizarre bit of time shifting (as I regard watching any made for TV or made for Netflix series as time shifting) and language and culture shifting which we greatly enjoy.  That was a four hour orgy of TV for J and me which is extreme for us.

Last night we had visitors for food and drinks and talking well into the early hours.  They’re parents of tnp’s (son’s) friend and we’d never met before. That was lovely but again, unusual for us.  The warm weather meant we could begin and end the evening on the roof terrace we gained when we had a loft conversion done some years back.  Lovely and all too rare.

Today I spent much of the day out there in the sun, several hours of it just sunbathing with a book.

I guess this is what normal people do with a bank holiday weekend.   I suspect that we’re not normal!

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