My work diary

Updated 22.vii.21

To optimise my work rate, and work/life balance, I try only to book meetings and calls on Thursdays so you can only book into Thursdays here. To book pick a “service”: either a 30 minute slot or a 60 minute slot (ignore the whole day option: that’s just there so I can book myself out for a day easily) and then pick a person (I know that’s silly for me but I can’t remove that!) The slightly counterintuitive colour coding, and the system simply not letting you book, will tell you that the slot/day is not free. When you do book, I hope that most of the time I will just confirm that that’s fine but occasionally something may have happened and I’ll have to cancel. You should get an Email confirming or cancelling within a day.

I’ll keep my old diary but use it to say more about what I’m doing. It’s staying at

BEWARE: my diaries are on French time, generally an hour ahead of UK time.