My work diary

Health/work bulletin! 

Updated 26.x.19

My insatiable hunger for new experiences led me to experience a renal calculus back in August/September which knocked out three to four weeks work then. That came on top of a very mixed year so my work backlog is as bad as ever and work trips immediately after that meant I predicted that I wouldn’t clear even this recent backlog before the end of October and that was about right. Then my main laptop died on 17.x.19 which has lost three or four more days, I hope to have it and things back on course by 4.xi.19. Hm, it really has been a mixed year!

Diary itself
(after you’ve ploughed through all that!

I think the diary I have been using wasn’t good for booking my work meetings so I’m trying out this system. I hope it will encourage people just to choose the best slot for them and save us both any to and fro of polite Emails. Pick either a 30 minute slot or a 60 minute slot (ignore the whole day option: that’s just there so I can book myself out for a day easily). I hope that most of the time I will just confirm that that’s fine, occasionally something may have happened and I’ll have to cancel. You should get an Email confirming or cancelling. Let’s see how it goes for a few months.

I’ll keep my old diary but use it mostly to compement my blog: it’s staying at

BEWARE: my diaries are on French time, generally an hour ahead of UK time.