I’ve made it (to Compostela)!

Another 57km done, and they were a switchback of ups and downs and the guidebook had said they would be.  I was in sleeveless top and shorts and for the first couple of km coming out of M, that was nippy.  However, I had guessed rightly and the switchback started after that and kept me warm until a few km before the end, by which time grey cloud covered the sky and it started mizzling: I was pretty cold when I finally made it to the cathedral.  A meal was very welcome and was found, and I’m checked into a hotel where the receptionists were lovelyyy.  More about all this later but for now I’m announcing the simple fact that I’ve done it. I’ve cycled from London to Compostela (with help from two boats on the way!)

Here’s the map record for now.  Firstly, today and starting with elevation:




Hm, that shows the ups and downs pretty well.  The net change was a good loss of height thankfully and some of the downs were great, if cool or frankly nippy, and many of the ups were fairly manageable but some were nasty with my gearing.

Heart rate.  I didn’t have much oomph so not that high.


And speed:


Some welcome yellow descents!

And here we are, just elevation, the whole thing:


I’ve done it!  I do have time to do Finisterre and back on top arriving here today.  However, I made heavy weather of today to be honest, and that weather thing is threatening to be dull or worse for the next few days.  I think at the moment that discretion is winning and this really may be it.  That will make it much easier to do my meeting with St. James (I wasn’t leaving Toto alone in the crowds at the cathedral today, huge lock or not).  It’ll also make it easier for me to sort out Toto and my separate journeys back to London.

Maybe I’ve grown up enough on this trip to quit while I’m OK!  The next few hours looking at the options will tell.

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2 thoughts on “I’ve made it (to Compostela)!”

  1. How beautiful! What a stunning route you’ve taken. If I was in any way inclined to physical activity I would be very jealous. Given my inert state, better you than me!

  2. Wisdom prevails. No Finisterre. A magnificent achievement. Bow and sign off to applause from Proud Aged Ps.

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