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What’s this all about?

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These days this is mostly about my blog and particularly about ‘photos of things I think might interest other people. The blog is here and a historical index of all posts is here.

Background history (if you’re interested!)

This all started back in 2016 when I did a “pilgrimage” (French “pèlerinage”) cycling from home in South London to Santiago de Compostela.  It’s something I had told myself I would do when I was, I think, 19, so it was 40 years in the brewing.  I had an amazing experience and told myself that the site and blog would both continue.  They have, but in a very patchy sequence and are now partly documenting my “semigration” to live more than half the year in France and try to gain some EU residency rights for myself, but mainly for my children, assuming the madness of Brexit goes ahead.   Brexit has triggered this, but living a good part of the year in France post-retirement had also been a plan about as long as the plan to do the cycle ride.

The musings are about how I have retired but work 70-90 hours a week, what it means to change career and country, and just what I find time and motivation to blog about here.  One new addition is timelapse videos of my view in the Alps, see also https://www.psyctc.org/pelerinage2016/watching-clouds-weather-and-snow/!

The rest of this page contains a few historical entries I’m too obsessional to remove, now in reverse chronological order, and the copyright conditions.


I’ve taken the plunge and changed the theme of this site (to “Twenty Fifteen” for those also mired in WordPress).  It hurts to lose a lot of cosmetics I liked and had spent time creating, but I think it will make my it easier for me to maintain this site and hence, encourage me to put more here, whether blog posts, pictures or timelapse videos.  Work in progress: I will strip out all plugins and then work out what works and what I really need and generally get this back in working order.  I hope I’ll be able to improve the aesthetics as I sort things out. All that will stretch over the rest 2019 I’m sure.


Nearly a week on (21/8/16) the blog has comments and is developing but still progress here is hampered by the challenges of finding working wifi, internet, time and energy to think sufficiently clearly.


At this point (15/8/16) there are a few maps, a few photos and the start of a blog that may touch some of the things I feel I would like to be saying so click on these links or on the menu above and get following and commenting.  I am moderating comments on the blog so your comment won’t appear until/unless I approve it and I’m going to be ruthless about reading, hugely appreciating and even replying personally to, anything that feels as if it’s just to me but I’m only going to approve things that feel if they are really open and invitational toward anyone reading this as part of doing this whole thing (see emerging theme in the blog on “Why do this?”) is about sharing this with a wide community of pilgrims and potential pilgrims or even those who don’t want to do this but feel happy to watch and share.


OK, I think I have finally, one week into the adventure, got the bones of a web site and blog in place.  Later I’ll have advice on how to contact me but for now, I’m hardly finding time even to read Emails so that really will be later.

Everything I put on this site, unless I say explicitly to the contrary, is copyright to me but released under
a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License so anyone can reuse anything without charge provided only that they (a) attribute its roots (a link back to here or the appropriate bit of the site and (b) make what they do with it available to others under the same conditions. Comments on the blog are, of course, the copyright of their authors and I can’t impose any licence conditions on them but I will assume they are probably posting in a similar spirit to mine but check with them if want to reuse their material.  You may need me to contact the person for you and I’ll happily do that.  See my Copyright and sharing blog post for a bit more on this.