Chris's cycling sabbatical 2016

Between 2/8/16 and about 14/9/16 I am cycling from London to Santiago de Compostela and Finisterra in northern Spain. This site and blog about the adventure.


Yes, I admit it, I watched it!  I started watching American Football back in 1986 I think.  Around that time I and a former partner, and still good friend, watched bits of three rather odd international sports: American Football, Australian Rules Football and Sumo.  We both worked hard with full time jobs and more on top.  My partner had psychotherapy training activities and I was doing research work that would … Continue Reading

Last Monday night: another protest and it goes on

It’s Friday evening now and I’m tired but I feel a real wish, a need, to put this up here. Monday (30/1/17) I worked from home.  I took an hour out to do the annual RSPB “Great Garden Birdwatch”, more on that over the weekend I hope.  Even without that, as the day drew on I had the familiar feeling that I had achieved less than I had hoped, less … Continue Reading

I’m protesting again: trying to turn anger and disgust to constructive fuel

Saturday before last, the 21st of January 2017 (I want to engrave the date in my mind) J and I joined an estimated 100,000 other people walking from Grosvenor Square to Trafalgar Square. It was damn cold, not the dry freezing cold of continental climates but the damp horrid cold that UK winter does so well and I had dressed badly thinking more of cycling there than the long, long … Continue Reading

Reactions to Tirana (and Albania)

It has taken me a while to feel I can post something about my trip to Albania.  Well strictly my trip wasn’t really to Albania, it was to Tirana: there is much more to Albania than Tirana, for all that Tirana is undoubtedly Albania’s “primate city”. Honestly, I didn’t make that term up nor does it mean a city full of apes, hm, though perhaps it does mean that really.  … Continue Reading

Moving from clouds, and through clouds, to psychotherapy research

I have still not really managed to digest my brief trip to Tirana, or is it too that I am still digesting my return to the UK, if I think about the challenge more evenly?  Anyway, that’s still work in progress, so one or more posts that seem to be brewing in my head out of that trip and my return must wait another few days (sorry Blerta!)  I’m sprinkling … Continue Reading

A cold weather funnel cloud in Tirana

I was walking down one of the main streets in Tirana, as you do, well no, that’s silly.  Anyway, let that go, the whole experience of visiting Tirana has to have a post of its own and I don’t seem ready to do that justice yet. So there I was, walking (not really a cycle friendly city though quite a few people do cycle, though about 10% seem to stick … Continue Reading

A very short post to show myself I still can: in praise of repairs!

The bright yellow panniers that carried most of my baggage were Ortlieb ones and Ortlieb are supposed to be the best of the best.  I’d had them for over ten years and they’re very simple and the roll top is very waterproof if you haven’t overfilled them and can roll it up tightly.  However, I’d never really loved them and I missed the outer pockets on the pair of UK … Continue Reading

“We’re not in mainland Europe any more Toto” continued, with some TARDIS cheating

Saturday, in my old, pre-pilgrimage way of life, was a day in which I would generally cycle from home to Waitrose in Balham, and pick up foodstuffs for the week and a free coffee and a free Guardian. Such is the almost irresistible allure of Waitrose’s largesse. This weekend was the first time I got back to the routine and Toto and I got soaked on a round trip.  We … Continue Reading

Unpacking Toto and bird pleasures

Oh dear, this blog is getting out of order, no, not that sort of “out of order”, well, not very.  No, just in the wrong temporal order. This really should have come before the last post I put up but perhaps because it’s (mostly) about simple pleasures, I lost track of it. Anyway, yes: continuity failure.  Toto and I clearly couldn’t have done London until he returned and caught up … Continue Reading

In which Toto and I do London!

“We’re not in mainland Europe any more Toto” Wow it’s a funny business moving on from a pilgrimage, and one you waited 40 years to do.  I have found it hard finding what I want to say here in some ongoing blog. As I’ve already said, the first 10-14 days after I arrived back were unusual.  There was a hectic sequence of seeing both children, both off to other parts … Continue Reading

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