One year on – not!

Created 19/5/20

Searching for today’s date in my todo list I thought that it was a year ago today I doubled up with pain and got admitted to the hospital in Bourg St. Maurice with renal colic. It isn’t a year on! That was me searching for “19.v” and finding 19.viii.19 and not noticing that I’m only nine months on! Oh dear, concentrate boyo!

It was odd then to see that I was in there for three days, that half day, two whole days and another half day before the consultant chucked me out! In my memory it was longer than that. I think that also confirms that this time last year we hadn’t had the rather wet run of rain and cloud we’ve had the last week or so. (Or do I just remember things through rosy coloured specs?) I remember that I had to make my way back up here in Norwegian felt slippers as, in the pain I hadn’t thrown any outdoor shoes into my backpack (though I remember I did throw a laptop in and did manage some work down there, not much.) I remember the young girl at the train station pointing at my feet and her mother explaining, I gather later when we shared a taxi, explaining that I probably had some psychological problems!

So, just nine months on, a gestation period. Since then cv-19 has put my little troubles into perspective. 318,596 deaths globally when I look at the Johns Hopkins tracker this morning. Ouch. The world has changed and, despite all the wonderful things that humans have done, all the good side of the species that has shown, I have a horrible feeling that we’re really starting to see the backlash of the powerful, the rich and simply horrible who don’t want good changes to come of this. I am only coping with very filtered doses of news the last month or so as that seems so horrific.

OK. On a more positive note, this morning the sky is blue, the sun is out, my washing is drying on the terrace and earlier the view across to Mont St. Jacques and beyond was lovely. (As ever, click to get the full glory, but be warned: it’s a large image.)

Early morning hazy perspective

On the other side of the terrace my mansion up here in the skies was casting lovely shadows that amused me and made me feel I was in some crenellated castle. (Again click, again, be patient, they’re big images. I haven’t got this gallery plugin sussed so I get two images overlaid though I can still see the top one fine. Contact me if you get worse and it’ll push me to try to get to the bottom of this.)

Two night’s back the layers of cloud created an amazing light and view across the valley. Hard to capture these lights with the camera but I think this gets a sense of it. (Same instructions and warnings as above.)

Down below, in the car park, this is what retreading a piste basher involves.

Retreading a piste basher (not that one, it’s got its treads)

Enough. Work and the weekly trip to the shop call me!

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