Visiting the Garden of Cosmic Speculation

Oh dear, I do struggle with, and side tracked by, technology.  With J and tnp I visited the Garden of Cosmic Speculation on Sunday.

Snake mount (on right) and lake

I’ll try to write more about it but, though I’m not very pleased with my ‘phone ‘photos, it was a place that I thought told me emphatically: “now you really must sort out how to put up ‘photo galleries in your web pages!”  So I have tried.  It’s already gobbled several hours and I have only got less than a quarter of the ‘photos that I think might be worth putting up here, but because it’s taking so long, and stirring up so much frustration in various ways, I will pause here but with a link to the work in progress.  You can click through the ‘photos but this view seems not to show the labels I’d put on those ‘photos. Much still to learn.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”3″ gal_title=”Garden of cosmic speculation, May 2018″]

Oh dear, that gives a crazy picture of the gardens as those are the ‘photos I’m intending to have come up at the end of the gallery.  (It turns out to be much easier to build the gallery starting with the ‘photos on which you want to end and building forward: design error programmers!)  Anyway, that means they’re very much a niche sample of the speculations on offer there.  Ah well, onwards … later!

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2 thoughts on “Visiting the Garden of Cosmic Speculation”

  1. What an awesome name for a garden. You were fortunate with the weather too. Jencks is a remarkable man. Like many, I’m grateful to him for co-founding the Maggie’s Centres.

    Never having found a way to insert more than single photos into posts, I’m impressed by your gallery.

  2. So, so true re the Maggie Centres and I wish I could find out a bit more about her. Before psychiatry and psychotherapy, I was involved with a very early hospital terminal care team and my first ever published papers came from that work and the experiences were life changing. Boy was there a need then for the Maggie’s Centres. And there still is a need for far more of them, and wider acceptance of the messages they represent about lives and needs that are not just biological, the message they locate so well in a building and the communities they shelter, foster and develop. I guess the genius is that location: Shakespeare’s “local habitation and a name”. Onwards, or “adelante” (it’s been rather a Spanish day for me!)

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