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CORE stands for “Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation” and is the the system co-created by myself (CE) and Michael Barkham and many, many others without whom it would have been impossible. It is “a system, not a measure”. The system was formally launched in 1998 and has developed organically since. The CORE aims (from 1997) were to improve patient care by:

  • facilitating communication between researchers and clinicians (i.e. familiarity with the same measures & scores on those measures)
  • providing comparability between studies
  • facilitate audit/evaluation/learning in services
  • facilitate same for individual therapists
  • feed into health economic and other research analyses

Crucially, the measures in the system have always been made available for reproduction (unchanged) without any licence fee.

Details #

The site at has the measures and much information about them and the system. A systematic review (nearing submission) found over 700 peer-reviewed publications citing and/or using elements of the CORE system and the numbers continue to grow as do the number of approved, high quality translations of the measures.

To give the measures a life expectancy long beyond our personal expectancies, the measures are now in the MAPI Trust/eProvide repository. MAPI are a not for profit organisation hosting a huge number of what they call “COMs”: “Clinical Outcome Measures”. Their information MAPI have about the measures can be found from this search.

Try also #

Routine Outcome Measurement

Chapters #

Jo-anne and very deliberately aimed to be sure that the OMbook was not a book about CORE but of course it was influenced by our (very different) experiences with CORE over the last nearly 30 years. CORE measures are considered (with many other measures) in Chapter 4 (“An overview of outcome and change measures”) and do get mentioned in some other chapters.

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