New developments here

Created 14.iv.21

Oh dear, about 16 months since I last posted here. Still I hope that featured image above gives a sense of spring arriving! I guess some of those months have been pretty affected by the coronavirus pandemic. There’s a little bit more about how that impacted on me and how I spent a lot of those months high up in the Alps, very protected from cv-19. During this time I have been working very hard and been fairly successful getting papers I like accepted (see publication list and CV)

In the last month I have protected some work time away from Emails, data crunching and paper writing and come back to web things. That has resulted in:

  1. My SAFAQ or Rblog. This is a set of Self-Answered Frequently Answered Questions (hence SAFAQ) and is the best way I have found to present how I use R and allows me to do that in a way that I can’t here in WordPress.

That is quite closely linked with:

  1. The CECPfuns R package. R ( a brilliant, open source, completely free system for statistical computation than runs on pretty much any Linux, on Macs and on Windows. It is partly made up of packages of functions and I have written one that I hope will grow into a useful resource for people wanting to use R for therapy and psychology work but wanting a fairly “newbie friendly” rather than R geeky hand with that. It complements the SAFAQ/Rblog. is a web site built out of the package documentation and all the geeky details are at

Those are both developing quite fast with the latter getting updates daily, sometimes more often, and the former getting new items more often than once a week. I suspect that now I have announced them here, I may do intermittent posts here that just give an update about one or both of those and they will get to be linked more into pages here. There are two more key developments coming up:

  1. My own shiny server here that will provide online apps for data analysis and providing explanations of analytic tools.
  2. A book “Outcome Measures and Evaluation in Counselling and Psychotherapy” written with my better half, Jo-anne Carlyle, that should be coming out through SAGE in late November (and they have just sent us the first proofs exactly to their schedule so perhaps I should start believing that it will come out then.) That is aimed at demystifying that huge topic area and, we hope, making it easier for practitioners both to understand, and critique, it, and to start doing it. That will lean heavily on SAFAQ pages and the apps on the shiny server.

And now, in radical contrast to the featured/header image, something completely different:

An 8Gb Raspberry Pi 4

That’s sitting on my desk, about the size of a small book. It’s a local version of the system that, I hope, will host the shiny server!