Moving to WordPress

Rather frighteningly (for me at least) the site is at least 23 years old.  Its origins were in some pages I created when I worked at St. George’s Hospital Medical School and it’s moved across umpteen hardware platforms since then.  Much of it is raw HTML files I created over the years, probably mostly with emacs on Linux systems. That meant it was light and fast when that really mattered as people, including me editing it, might be using dial up modems to get to it.  I’m not sure there’s anywhere in the world now where people will be accessing things that way and it’s meant that changing things was not easy.  I’ve finally decided to protect a bit of time to shift the site to WordPress which, though it has many faults to my mind, does make maintaining and developing a site easier than coding it in raw HTML!  I’ll never have the eye, skills or time to make things look beautiful but at least a minimally modified WordPress theme will look better than anything I can hand craft.  I will use this blog space to share technical challenges I hit with the site and generally with using WordPress where I think I found something that might be useful to others, however, it’ll be mainly for thoughts about psychotherapy and counselling research and particularly my fascinations with psychometrics, with what I call “rigorous idiography” and with methodology pretty generally.