Outcome Measures and Evaluation in Counselling and Psychotherapy

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Paperback ISBN: 9781473906730
Hardcover ISBN: 9781473906723

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Resources here to complement the book

This will be mostly down to me (Chris) but with input on particular topics and some oversight from Jo-anne. The glossary got moved here to help meet the word limit for the book but having it online allows it to be an evolving resource.

  • Glossary: work in progress, 140+ entries and climbing. There is a link in each entry to Email me if you have questions or suggestions but that won’t tell me which entry you are in when you do contact me so make sure to tell me that.
  • PSYCTC.org site and resources (many have individual cross-links from chapters below)
  • CORE site (managed by C with much information about the CORE system)
  • For people who want to do their own data crunching and using or willing to learn the R system: my R “SAFAQ”: Self-Answered Frequently Answered Questions relating the free, open source R statistical system which I now use for all my data crunching. See the “welcome” and the “use” pages as steps into that.
  • Further reading elsewhere and by others: not yet!


The links below take you to information about what is in each of the chapters, including all figures. Increasingly, the chapter pages will have supplementary materials: coloured figures, R code, links to other resources.

  • Intro
  • Part I: Outcome measures and evaluation
    • Chapter 1. An introduction to outcome measures and evaluation
  • Part II: Outcome measures
    • Chapter 2. A framework for outcome measurements
    • Chapter 3. How to judge the quality of an outcome measure
    • Chapter 4. An overview of outcome and change measures
    • Chapter 5. Analysing change data from outcome measures
  • Part III. Evaluation – applying outcome measures in practice
    • Chapter 6. Planning an outcomes exploration: design and be SMART
    • Chapter 7. Outcome measurement for individual practitioners
    • Chapter 8. Service-level change and outcome measurement
    • Chapter 9. Working with clients and supervisors when using outcome measures
  • Part IV. Communication and critique
    • Chapter 10. A ‘snapshot’ review: Constructive critique as a core practitioner skill
  • Glossary


Table of all figures from the book.


I thought I should put this section in here now! Contact me if you find issues or have suggestions.

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