PSYCHLOPS (Psychological Outcome Profiles)

PSYCHLOPS is a short, largely client generated state/outcome/change measure with a time window of the previous week. It asks about something that is a problem for the person completing the measure, then it asks for another problem and a third question asks about things these problems make it hard for the person to do. A fourth, nomothetic, question asks simply “How have you felt in yourself this last week?”. All four items are rated on a 0 to 4 scale. There is a pre-therapy version (in which the person specifies at least one problem and the “hard to do” issue), a during therapy version which allows the addition of one more problem, and an end of therapy version which asks for re-rating of all the probems, the “hard to do” issues and the nomothetic rating. PSYCHLOPS is copyright but made available with no reproduction charges and has been adopted by the WHO. There is good information about PSYCHLOPS at

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