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Just ‘cos it’s beautiful!

[Tweaked 24.x.19 to remove slider and stick with galleries for ‘photos.]

I’m trying to restart blogging, I even managed my first real blog post in my general work site yesterday. Here I want to get more ‘photos up, whether new ones or from my archives. Following on from the early morning ‘photos from the 18th there were more glorious sunrise colours on Sunday. I don’t think they need words really.

At the moment I’ve got the camera set to shoot off five different exposures each time I press the shutter release and I’m still playing around putting versions of the same view at different exposures up here. I’ve put captions on giving the exposures. All ISO 1600 for ‘photo geeks out there. Be warned, the full sized images may take a bit to come through if you’re on a slow internet link: the full images are 5472×3648 pixes and typically over 6Mb, if WordPress and the plugins I’m using haven’t compressed them.

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