Just one P: parapente

Created 7.ix.21

I do go in for my three “P”s here: politics, polemics and pontificating. (See A new start?, which has my last video of someone parapenting) However, none of that for a change. Two days ago I was out on the terrace in the sun and a shadow shot across the tiles that was way too big to be a bird’s shadow. So I grabbed my camera to catch a parapenter sailing around. I thought my hand holding was going to be horribly jerky but it will do. The first is more jerky (though it was actually the second chronologically) and lasts under a minute. I forgot to compress them before uploading them to vimeo but they seem to play fine through my slow broadband up here.

And this is a bit steadier and I think it lasts 2’19”.

I wouldn’t fancy doing that, I prefer to only have a few feet maximum between my body and something solid, however, I can see it must be wonderful to spiral around above it all. The martins and swallows, even my friendly wagtails, do make it look a bit slow though!

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