Another little post: glider with an outboard motor

Created 14.ix.21

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk working (nothing new there eh?) but I was distracted y a buzzing noise outside, peered round the monitor which fills most of the view and saw what I thought was a glider. I don’t remember ever seeing one up here before so that was fun but I was thinking “but gliders are essentially silent so what’s that noise” so I grabbed the camera and went out on the terrace when it took me a few seconds to realise that it really was a glider making a nasty noise like a small plane.

Glider with an outboard motor: 13.ix.21

It was already quite far away and so that footage is full telephoto end of the zoom and quite unsteady. The camera was also clearly finding difficulty keeping focus so it does go in and out of focus but with the magnification you can see what I could see:
it really is a glider with an outboard motor, or a motor on its back.

It flew off quite fast and was way out of range to follow with the camera but it I could just see it with naked eye, again looking like an ordinary glider as I could no longer make out that structure and propellor. It did a few turns over Les Arcs and then I lost it though I could still hear the buzzing faintly.

Anyone know about these things? I’d love to hear from you if you do. Anyway, it felt intriguing enough to merit a short post here. Very best to anyone reading this!

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