R project

Or the “The R Project for Statistical Computing” to give it its full title. An open source, i.e. completely free, statistical package that runs on pretty much any hardware and under any of the dominant computer operating systems: if you do statistical or quantitative analyses, change to it if you’re not already using it!

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Open source software
Statistical software

Chapters #

Not mentioned in the book but was used for all the simulations and graphics.

Online resources #

CEPCfuns: package of R functions I’ve created, with Clara Paz hoping to make using R for PBE and change measurement easier.
My Rblog: collection of posts a lot of which are about using R for our purposes and explaining how to do various things, with R code.
My shiny server of interactive “apps” powered by R and which, I hope, will make it easy to use R for PBE analyses you can’t do easily any other way … but without having to learn R. Still developing!

Dates #

First created 17.viii.23.

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