Shiny (server & apps)

I confess this is here largely to pique people’s interest and take them to my shiny server but it’s so important (shiny generally, not my rather limited use of it) that it should be here.

Details #

Technically shiny is an R package that can be used on a networked computer to present interactive applications using the power of the R system “under the hood”. That turns that computer into a “shiny server”. There are two levels of the server: the open source version, which I use, and the professional version, now called “Posit connect”, which has considerably greater powers in various areas but not the key functionality. The professional version is also way outside my budget as a zero income one person entity!!

Go and have a look at some low key applications of shiny for our area to learn more!

Try also #

R language
open source software
statistical software

Chapters #

Not in the book as I still hadn’t managed to get a useful shiny server up and running by the time we came to publish.

Online resources #

For amusement go to for other uses of “shiny” (yes, I quite liked “Firefly”!) for a gallery of shiny applications
Above all (!) my shiny server with apps for this field.

Dates #

First created 20.viii.23.

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