First overnight snow of the autumn

Created 19.ix.21

I could hear dripping as I woke up and sure enough everything above was snow coated with even a thin coat on the rails of the terrace and the slopes around us. Here were the views looking to out on “my” side of the terrace. As ever, click on them to get the full image.

And this was another of my amused juxtapositions of the snow covered peaks beyond the very Aime 2000 mix of concrete slaps and wooden railing.

Mont St. Jacques above the terrace edge

Walking to the other side of the terrace was equally good:

An hour later the sun had burned the cloud cover away and the snow was melting fast. This is a sweep of images from both sides of the terrace.

And finally, with crummy stability and smoothness of panning and zoomin, you can have the sound of the cows browsing their way through the “button run” slope below me.

This, well the snow mainly, but the cows too in all their smelly, noisy indifference to things, is so much of why I’m here!

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