Body Shape Questionnaire (BSQ)

A 34 item self-report measure developed to measure the negative self-appraisal of body shape common in Eating Disorders (Cooper, P. J., Taylor, M. J., Cooper, Z., & Fairburn, C. G. (1986). The development and validation of the Body Shape Questionnaire. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 6, 485–494.;2-O) Has two approved 16 item and four 8 item short forms (Evans, C., & Dolan, B. (1993). Body Shape Questionnaire: Derivation of shortened ‘alternate forms’. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 13, 315–321.;2-3).

In many ways epitomises a questionnaire that one might expect to be unidimensional. More information and downloads and some translations available at

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