Open source software

OK, I admit it, this is mostly here to give a plug to the R project which is a particular OSS or FLOSS (Free, Libre & Open Source Software) system.

Details #

The basic idea behind open source software is to get around the control of software by commercial interests. OSS is software that is released under one of a number of open source licences. The differences between them can be a minefield but the basic idea is simple: the software has been released under an licence that lasts for ever and binds anyone reusing some or all of the source code (the programming that makes software work) must release what derivatives are produced under the same, or, sometimes, a similar, licence.

This idea creates huge repositories of source code anyone is welcome to read, learn from and reuse. Huge examples are Linux (the operating system I use in preference to Windoze or MacThings). R is an open source statistics system that will run on most computers, is completely free (as it’s open source) and underpins my Rblog and shiny server as well as all the statistical work I’ve done for the last twenty years or more.

Chapters #

R was used for all the simulations and graphics in the book but doesn’t really appear anywhere!

Online resources #

R itself
My Rblog with lots of examples of R (and some non-R things!)
My shiny server which is (slowly) making increasing numbers of online apps that may be useful for MH/therapy data work available.

Dates #

First created 14.viii.23.

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