Melanie Bash’s PhD thesis on the BSQ

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The entire thesis in PDF format is huge, 72Mb:

[download id=”462″ template=”button”]

Zipping it only reduces it to 58Mb:

[download id=”466″ template=”button”]

Or you can get each bit separately:

  • Front and introduction (12pp, 734kb)
    [download id=”469″ template=”button”]
  • Chapter 1. General introduction (31pp, ~3.5Mb)
    [download id=”471″ template=”button”]
  • Chapter 2. The development and validation of the BSQ (19pp, ~1.8Mb)
    [download id=”475″ template=”button”]
  • Chapter 3. Concern with shape among women the community (60pp, ~5.5Mb)
    [download id=”478″ template=”button”]
  • Chapter 4. Body size perception among women in the community (41pp, ~3.2Mb)
    [download id=”481″ template=”button”]
  • Chapter 5. Body image disturbance in Bulimia Nervosa (70pp, ~6.3Mb)
    [download id=”484″ template=”button”]
  • Chapter 6. General discussion (8pp, 823kb)
    [download id=”487″ template=”button”]
  • References (11pp, ~1.1Mb)
    [download id=”490″ template=”button”]
  • Appendices (81pp, ~6.1Mb)
    [download id=”493″ template=”button”]