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As of October 2023 the management of the BSQ has been transferred to MAPI trust. Hence all requests for permission to use or translate the BSQ must go to them at I can answer no questions about that.

If you are not asking for permission to use a BSQ form but asking for information PLEASE read my BSQ pages carefully to make sure the answer you need is not already there. If you are sure it’s not then you must fill in the other fields in this form to help me (I am trying to simplify my life: this isn’t a paid job for me!)

Please note:

  1. I did not create the BSQ, that excellent work was done by Melanie Bash, nee Taylor. She no longer has time to answer questions about the BSQ which is part of why I maintain these pages here. She and her then colleagues (Profs. Fairburn, P. Cooper and Z. Cooper) have all agreed for me to handle questions about the BSQ and authorise its use as long as that’s in line with their requirements.
  2. I cannot put in contact with Melanie nor those co-authors on the original paper, we have set things up this way at their request.
  3. I did the psychometric work that led to the official short forms. I can send you the paper about that if you would like that (tick the box in the form below!)
  4. However, body image was never my speciality. You will have to do your own research about the field generally.
  5. I do this voluntarily and it does take time so PLEASE think really hard about whether, given that information, your query is not answered somewhere in my BSQ pages (there is a search for the site and the question about wanting a non-gendered version is answered in the main BSQ page … and the answer is “no” so go and read the explanation if you were about to ask that!)
  6. If want to tell me about a publication you achieved with it, or think there is something wrong or that could be usefully updated on these pages, then do please contact me using the form and I will try to reply when I can.
  7. If the form works, you will get a copy of your message to me by Email: if you don’t get that, almost certainly the problem is that you’ve mistyped your Email address. If you got confirmation Email but you haven’t had a response from me within a week then either I’m overloaded, on leave, couldn’t understand your message, or something technical has gone wrong so please contact me again.
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Please send me a copy of your paper about the BSQ short forms (Evans & Dolan, 1993)

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